Best Manscaping Tools For A Man's Body Hair

Wet-Dry Male Bodygrooming Clippers and Trimmers

Designed specifically for a man's body hair removal and management - A male body groomer generally combines both a dedicated hair trimmer for shortening the hair as well as a razor for soft, down to the skin shaving and removal. A new generation of men's body grooming gear is designed for dry and wet water-proof use in the shower or tub unlike many traditional hair clippers and conventional electric razors. Most are low-voltage, cordless and battery operated rechargeable trimmers for safe use with dy or wet manscaping.

Cordless ManscaperSwitch-Hitter Mens TrimmerBest Selling Groomer
Norelco Bodygroom Pro

Dual Cutting Ends
Braun BodyCruzr

Power Trimmer +
Gilette Fusion Blade
Braun cruiser body razor
Full-Body Trimmer-Razor

Norelco Manscaper Shaper
men's man scaper set

Body Hair Trimming Tools

Not all guy's want to shave their body hair bare to the bone, so to speak. Some men prefer just to shorten their chest, belly and back hair to a more manageable length. Adjustable trimmer guide settings on a bodygroomer -- or traditional hair clipper sets with guide combs -- can help reduce or remove unwanted body hair to the closeness you prefer.

Rechargeable ClippersComplete Men's GroomingBody Stubble Trimmer
Full Body Grooming

Remington Head To Toe
Norelco Max Precision

Ultra-Narrow Cutting Head
Precise Edging Visibility
Men's Stubble Trimmer

.03 to 5mm Length