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Best Manscaping Kits For Men's Body Hair

Designed specifically for a man's body hair removal and management - A male body groomer generally combines both a dedicated hair trimmer for shortening the hair as well as a razor for soft, down to the skin shaving and removal.

Wet-Dry Male Bodygrooming Clippers and Trimmers

A new generation of men's body grooming gear is designed for dry and wet water-proof use in the shower or tub unlike many traditional hair clippers and conventional electric razors. Most are low-voltage, cordless and battery operated rechargeable trimmers for safe use during dry or wet manscaping sessions.

Best Selling GroomerCordless ManscaperDual-HeadTrimmer
Norelco Bodygroom Pro

Dual Cutting Ends
One-Pass Braun BodyCruzr

Power Trimmer +
Gilette Fusion Blades
Male Body Groomer

ManGroomer Pro Trimmer / Shaver

Male Body Hair Trimming Tools

Not all guy's want to shave their body hair bare to the bone, so to speak. Some men are proud of their copious body hair. They may simply prefer just to shorten their chest, belly and back hair to a more manageable length for a neater appearance.

Adjustable trimmer guide settings on a men's bodygroomer -- or traditional hair clipper sets with guide combs -- can help reduce or remove unwanted body hair to the closeness you prefer.

Rechargeable ClippersComplete Men's GroomingBody Stubble Trimmer
Full Body Grooming

Remington Head To Toe
Classic Hair Cutting Set

AC Clipper + Battery Trimmer
Men's Stubble Trimmer

.03 to 5mm Length

Many all-in-one groomers and beard trimming kits also make acceptable men's body grooming tools for your arsenal. With fine-tooth hair cutting blades, or snap-on adjustable length hair cutting guides they can be useful for manscaping down there as well.

Men's Body Grooming Tool Innovations

The latest generation of men's manscaping and body hair grooming gear have some notable avancements. Of note: Better bettery technology and the trend away from NiCad towares Lithium Ion batteries for much faster, quick-charging times. Hair cutting blades infused with titanium or other alloys and processes are more corrosion resisant so that blades stay sharper, longer. And simply more tolerance for wet/dry, rinsable cleaning after use which is much more practical in the typical bathroom environment.

Major manufacturers of traditional men's razors have leaped on the Manscaping kit bandwagon and revised thier product lines with men's body shavers, facial hair, and beard styling needs in mind. Norelco, Schick, Remington, Conair, Wahl, Mangroomer and others have adapted, innovated and redesigned their facial razor and hair-clipper lines for male body shaving and grooming needs.

Society's attitude towards shifting as discussion of male grooming in general has finally moved beyond just 'Shaving' and 'Haircuts' to broader aspects of full-body grooming.

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Last Updated: March 17th, 2018