Men's Manscaping FAQ

About Body Grooming and Manscaping

Whether you have only a little or a lot of body hair, there are times when at least an occasional bit of body grooming and manscaping is in order. Much of it depends on your genetics: Whether you tend to be a smooth and relatively hairless guy, or an extremely hairy main with copious if not 'excessive' body hair that is either functionally problematic, or aesthetically not preferred in very specific areas but okay in others.

Body Grooming Chest Hair

Perhaps the kind of man most likely to want a men's body groomer is actually a guy who is relatively smooth overall and has rather sparse chest hair without much of a defined pattern or coverage. They may feel the random and infrequent stray hairs here and there are best gotten rid of completely and shaved off. A disposable facial hair razor may be all they need, or perhaps a foil-head shaver can get the job done easily enough. Some men only have chest hairs around the areola of their nipples and not elsewhere, and may just want to target and shave that specific area where the hair does grow.

Some men with a LOT of chest hair may not want to manscape their chest or belly completely bare. Merely shortening thier chest fur, or cutting back the exceptionally long hairs that often grow on the upper-pectoral area might help to keep the fur from crawling out of their T-shirts or work collars. I often see guys who TRIM rather than full-bore MANSCAPE their upper bodies at the gym. For these, a conventional hair clipper or mens personal trimmer set can TRIM the hairs to a bristle or perhaps a half-inch or longer length to retain the visible hair pattern across their chest and belly, yet keep a more manageable, defined length.

Body Grooming Pubic Hair

Volumes have been written about manscaping below the belt, but How To Manscape Your Pubic Hair is just not a topic guys often talk about with other guys. Perhaps it's only the really kinky and perverted types who feel the need to completely shave off thier pubic and penile hair as part of their sexual expression. For the rest of us: Periodically trimming back a full, unruly bush of pubic hair and removing the straggler hairs along the shaft of the penis is just common sense grooming on an infrequent basis. Ditto for scrotal hair as a man's nut bag can get pretty wild and wooly without occasional trimming.

Personally, I'm an advocate of judiciously TRIMMING the male pubic area - shortening and not engaing in outright shaving. Shaving your penis or scrotum is fraught with the risk of cuts, nicks, abrasions - and worst of all - ingrown hairs which can lead to scarring of the penile tissue should a hair become embedded after manscaping. Cutting down to a stubble avoids all that. Usually the sharp bristliness of the hairs after close trimming subsides within a few days.

Body Grooming Back Hair

Dedicated, Do-It-Yourself Back Hair Groomers may be the best choice with those who have a moderate or large amount of back hair and don't have anyone to assist. A back hair razor with an extended handle can help single guys reach those hard to get at areas.

Gorilla-hairy men and Bearish Furr-Balls might find a back hair shaver okay for ongoing maintenance - but not heavy-duty enough for initial back hair removal of a thick pelt. A conventiional hair clipper set with a fine blade or very short guide with someone else's help is often required to cleanly hack away copious body hair. If you don't have a partner you're comfortable asking to do this for you, it can be a challenge to do to yourself evenly, completely and properly.

Body Grooming Leg, Arm and Shoulder Hair

Unless you're a Drag Queen, Male Erotic Dancer, Olympic Swimmer or Pro Bodybuilder or other athlete -- you're unlikely to NEED to engage in FULL body manscaping. Many men don't need or even want to shave the hair on their arms (or legs) completely off. But for those guys with really hairy upper arms and shoulders here's a tip for easing the transition from your upper body to arm hair near the biceps. In barber terms you can do a 'FADE' (usually around the mid bicep area) with a personal trimmer or hair clippers' guide combs to gradually increase the hair length over a 1"-2" area for a more natural appearance of the arms when exposed or wearing short-sleeved shirts.

Body Grooming Butt Hair

It's a bit hard to delicately broach the subject of men with really hairy butts and butt cracks. By and large the buttocks are an area where copious fur is seldom exposed or seen - even by it's owner who can only really access how furry their rump is straining their necks to check in a mirror. Guys who might otherwise manscape their back and body hair often leave their buttocks au natural as the gods intended. And still other men are proud of how hairy their ass is - and know that other's might actually be very sexually attracted to it.

For guys with really furry cracks and perineal areas, a lot of hair down there can be problematic with hygiene and make wiping-up after defecation a tangled and difficult challenge. Failure to clean hairy areas around the anus after a bowel movement thorougly can lead to itchiness and rashes. So very furry rumped men are advised to at least shorten and trim their furry rump cracks with a body groomer or an adjustable length hair clipper occasionally to make wiping and cleaning easier.