Best Trimmers For Men's Nose and Ear Hair

Hairy Nose And Ears? Unruly Eyebrows?

The Best Ear, Nose and Eyebrow Trimmers For Men

These personal grooming tools for a man's eyebrow, nasal and ear hairs excel at targeted facial hair grooming tasks. They're also excellent and affordable male grooming gifts for the fuzzy and furry guy in your life. Pesky nose, ear and unruly eyebrow hairs seem to grow rampantly as a man gets older. So having the best ear, brow and nose hair trimming accessories are essential for complete men's grooming down to the last detail.

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Ear & Nose Vacuum Trim
Wahl Personal Trimmer

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Panasonic's Pro facial hair groomer has a few noteworthy features: It's a vacuum trimmer to catch stray hairs the moment they've been cut. It has a long runtime from a single AA battery (not included). The precision metal alloy hair cutting blades are tolerant of either wet or dry use and can be rinsed off for cleaning.

The Deluxe Personal Trimmer from Wahl is a Best-Seller on Amazon. It's also one of the lowest-cost rotary timmers but delivers some unique features: A LED ligh built into the timmer helps you see hairs you might otherwise miss. It features interchangeable grooming heads of both a flat detail trimmer blade and rotary nose and ear trimmer. It also includes a snap-on eyebrow guide to shorten your brows without the risk of over-trimming them.

ManGroomer's versatile is an All-In-1 combination personal trimmer with interchangeable trimming heads for ear and nose, a specialized eyebrow trimmer with safety guide, and a fine-tooth detailing trimmer blade ideal for fine-tuning the edges of goatees, sideburns, mustaches or beards to achieve a neat, precision look and style.

Mechanical Nose And Ear Hair Trimmers

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Groommate Mechanical Trimmer

Stainless w/Lifetime Warranty
Safety Scissor w/Round Tip

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GroomMate Rotary Trimmer

Twist To Operate

GroomMate manufactures two different models of mechanical ear and nose hair trimmers fabricated of stainless steel and offer a lifetime replacement warranty. One operates using a two finger simple squeeze motion, the other is a twist-type rotary trimmer. If you don't want to bother with periodically replacing batteries like most men's grooming tools use, menchanical trimmers are a great alternative!

A small pair of Round-Tipped safety scissors is an essential tool for any mans grooming needs regardless. We highly recommended one for eyebrow, nasal and ear hairs, as well as being handy for precision grooming and edging of a guy's sideburns, mustache, beard or goatee.