Online Privacy Policy

Body Grooming Tools Online Policy

We respect your online privacy - and encourage you to manage it intelligently and dilligently. Here's some succinct points about this site's policy regarding yours.


This site, - like most others gathers website stats about site visitors. These are non personally identifiable bits of data such as device type, screen resolution, where the visitor came from, time onsite, etc. If you choose, you have the ability to block, alter, remove and ultimately control which if any cookies are stored by your web browser.

Affiliate Disclosure

This website links to various male grooming products offered by Amazon. Primarily, I'm an affiliate of Amazon Associates LLC USA a means to potentially earn income by referring site visitors to in the USA. Ocassionally, I may leverage other affiliate programs such as those run by eBay, Commission Junction or LinkShare when factors such as pricing or product availability may be relevant.

Suitibility Disclaimer

The products referenced on this website constitute a sampling of the products availabile in the consumer marketplace. Any purchase descisions are yours and yours alone. Ideally these buying decisions are made from thourogh product research culled from the manufacturer's site, other review sites and direct evaluation at retail locations whenever possible.

Email Policy

Unlike far too many websites, this site does not strive to harvest or gather email addresses for remarketing nor any other purpose. If enabled, use of the Contact page will use any info you provide only to respond to an inqury and the info then disposed of.

This constitutes the breif but essential info about this website's privacy policy and is a good faith effort to discuss some of the concerns visitors may have about how thier interaction and visit is handled.